How Business Leaders Leverage Phase in the Workspace

9 August 2021
Andrea Yip

Teams leverage Phase to help them gather insights and take note of what their community members care about. Here are four examples of how teams put Phase into action:

  1. People Analytics: Synthesize and share employee insights with senior leaders
  2. Executives: Check Slack Deck each day to see what’s trending
  3. Internal Communications: Monitor for feedback and address issues in the moment
  4. Employee Engagement: Create custom content to engage employees

Use Case
People Analytics: Synthesize and share employee insights with senior leaders

Lynda is a People Specialist at a 4,500-person tech company. Now that the company has taken a digital first approach to its business, all employee communications take place on Slack. Lynda is responsible for reviewing the conversations taking place on Slack and providing a summary report of “hot topics” to her Senior Leadership (SL) team each week.

Before Phase, Lynda would manually review the busiest 2-3 channels each day in order to identify the most popular messages. She would copy and paste these messages into her report.

However, with Phase, Lynda has set up a feed that automatically shows her what’s trending across all 18 public channels in the workspace. She takes a screenshot of the top 5 trending messages at the end of each day for her report. For additional insights, she has tagged her senior leaders as “SL” and follows this tag in a special feed. This allows the SL to see how employees are responding to their posts.

Phase helps keep the SL informed and aware of what’s happening on Slack, particularly when they have limited time and energy to be there themselves.

Use Case
Executives: Check Slack Deck each day to see what’s trending

Raina is the CEO of a SaaS agency that just grown to over 10,000 employees. While the company uses Slack for communications and operations, Raina has limited time to review Slack during her workday. However, she is adamant about knowing what’s happening on Slack as she cares deeply about what is top of mind to her employees.

Before Phase, Raina spent an hour or two manually reviewing Slack. Given the growth of the company, she’s felt overwhelmed by the volume of messages and wants a better way to sift through the noise.

With Phase, Raina has set up her Slack Deck to follow trends and specific channels from her sales and product team. It takes her 10-15 minutes review the top trending messages from the last 48 hours. This has helped Raina feel more informed for company-wide Q&A and dialogues each month. She is also more familiar with specific successes and challenges identified by employees. For instance, Raina specifically asked her product team for an update about some of the concerns they expressed about a new feature.

Raina is delighted to have a simple way to efficiently review her workspace in minutes and to feel more in touch with her employees.

Use Case
Internal Communications: Monitor for feedback and address issues in the moment

Malaika is the Head of Internal Communications at a mid-sized ecommerce company. Her team uses Phase to monitor what employees are talking about on Slack in real-time. They have set up feeds to follow:

  • Trending messages every hour
  • Channels with lively social and political debates
  • Keywords to follow events (e.g., “townhall”)

The team follows these feeds in their Slack Deck to:

  • Generate insights reports: Synthesize top insights into regular internal company reports that are shared with senior leaders.
  • Gather informal feedback: Use keywords to turnaround rapid and informal employee feedback to company events including townhalls, dialogues, and product releases.
  • Address emergent issues: Flag and address messages about important topics like product, sales, or questions that require the attention of business leaders.

Using Phase has allowed Malaika’s team to cut through the noise on Slack and focus on efficiently gathering new insights and troubleshooting.

Use Case
Employee Engagement: Create custom content to engage employees

Jonathan leads Employee Engagement at an 80-person fintech startup. He has developed a multipronged engagement strategy that involves creating spaces for internal dialogue and participation, and building an employee recognition program.

Creating channels and community content based on trending topics
Jonathan uses Phase to monitor trending topics on a regular basis. He will set up new Slack channels and create content – blog posts, podcasts, weekly polls – based on what topics are driving interest and enthusiasm across the workspace.

Following a recognition emoji for outstanding employees
Jonathan created a custom emoji – :starrycat: – for employees to award to their peers in recognition of their acts of kindness. He follows the emoji in a feed on his Slack Deck and uses it to track recipients of the award. Each week, Jonathan selects awardees to highlight at his “all-hands” meeting.

Jonathan is able to produce content that is relevant and timely for his community by listening to their interests and needs.

If you’d like to start using Phase the way Lynda, Raina, Malaika, and Jonathan have, you can install Phase for free today.


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