How admins use Phase to keep up with Slack

12 July 2021
Andrea Yip

We hear many of the same stories about Slack in the workplace...

  • “We’ve got lots of channels and thousands of messages each day…so it’s impossible to keep up with all the conversations and know what topics are important to people.”
  • “There was an emoji that someone created as a special award. It’s being used across channels but I don’t have a great way to track this so we can acknowledge these folks.”
  • “I was told that there was a thread that had blown up…let’s just say it caused a lot of controversy. We had to hold an impromptu ‘all hands’ meeting to calm tensions.”

We’ve also heard from leaders who administer Slack workspaces about how important it is for them to foster an environment that supports open and organic conversation. Many see their role as enabling the community. They follow the flow of conversations and keep abreast of what’s important to their members.

Here are four ways Phase supports admins in managing their workspaces:

  • Discover topics that matter to the community
  • See what conversations are gaining popularity
  • Follow specific emoji, users, tags, and keywords across channels
  • Tag and get stats on members

Discover topics that matter to the community

Phase is designed to filter signal from noise and give admins a sense of what’s happening across channels. Create feeds of the conversations that are happening on Slack in a single window.

Phase dashboard with feeds by search, trending, and tags (left to right)

See what conversations are gaining popularity

By following what’s trending over a given time frame, admins can get a view into the threads that are getting the most replies and emoji reactions. These trends allow admins to see the threads that are building excitement and garnering the most attention.

The most popular messages in the last 2 hours

Follow specific emoji, users, tags, and keywords across channels

Admins can set up special feeds to follow specific emoji, users, tags, and keywords being used in their workspaces. For instance, follow...

  • Emoji such as those that track progress (e.g., 🟢 🔴 🔵), celebrations (e.g., 🎂 🎉), or pain points (e.g., ⚠️ 🆘)
  • Users such as C-level leaders or key corporate influencers
  • Tags that are assigned to members in the member directory (see more details about this below)
  • Keywords about important topics like “diversity”, internal program names like “project X”, or events like “Pride”

Following activity from users with “C-level” tag

Tag and get stats on members

Get a view into your members and see how they’re engaging in the community by emoji, replies, and messages. Get insights into how often users contribute to the community and how often their messages get responses from others. Finally, by tagging users, admins can organize and segment their members by activity, role, interests, etc.

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